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image by Kimberley Jeffries 2016/12/26
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Number: 14
Name: Kaya
Sex: Female
Current Size: ~7'
Last Sighting: December 26, 2016
First Size: ~7'
Date of First Sighting: December 26, 2016
Sighted By: Kimberly Jefferies
Location ID'ed: Ewa Beach

Comments: The female and larger manta were spotted on 26 December 2016 around noon while freediving off of Ewa Beach, in about 70' of water. Visibility was excellent, current was minimal, but there was considerable surface chop. Upon first sight, the two mantas were both circling around near the bottom. The larger manta swam offshore into deeper water, while the smaller one stayed with the freedivers for a few minutes. In this time, she furled and unfurled her cephalic fins and did some maneuvers, showing the divers the underside. Photos were taken by Kimberly Jeffries, and additional divers in the water were Mark Mohler, Deco Duck, and Jonathan Muratsuka. She headed inshore, and is estimated to have a disc width of around 7'.