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image by Mark Mohler 2016/11/06
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Number: 12
Name: Kimmy
Sex: Female
Current Size: ~6'
Last Sighting: November 6, 2016
First Size: ~6'
Date of First Sighting: November 6, 2016
Sighted By: Mark Mohler
Location ID'ed: Lanai Lookout

Comments: Kimmy was sighted during a drift dive north of Lanai Lookout, off the Windward coast of Oahu. Visibility was good, current was very mild, and the surface conditions were relatively nice. She was swimming over about 60' of water, roughly 20' from the surface. She was headed north/northeast towards Makapuu when spotted by divers Mark Mohler and Eric McCandless. She circled with the divers for about 5 minutes, during the time it unfurled and refurled her cephalic fins. She departed, continuing on her way towards Makapuu. She is estimated to have a disc width of about 6 feet.