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image by Orvil Clark 2017/04/07
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Number: 15
Name: Karen
Sex: Female
Current Size: ~10'-14'
Last Sighting: April 7, 2017
First Size: ~10'-14'
Date of First Sighting: April 7, 2017
Sighted By: Orvil Clark
Location ID'ed: Kewalos at Horseshoe Reef

Comments: Orvil was doing his safety stop at 15ft when all of a sudden he noticed it got dark. He looked up to see Karen gliding over the top of him. From there she just glided around, letting him tag along and photograph her as if he wasn't there - doing loops to the surface and back down to about 20-25ft. She continued to do this for about 15 minutes before other divers showed up, and then she headed out into deeper waters. "It was AMAZING!"