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image by Christopher Nunez 2016/09/17
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Number: 110
Name: Kanoa
Sex: unknown
Current Size: ~8'
Last Sighting: September 17, 2016
First Size: ~8'
Date of First Sighting: September 17, 2016
Sighted By: Christopher Nunez
Location ID'ed: One'uli Beach
image by Christoper Nunez 2016/09/17

Comments: During a snorkel trip, about 8am, at the reef just north of One'uli beach Kanoa suprised me by charging head first in my direction. Kanoa immediately started verticle loops, cephalic fins flattened, that lasted 10 minutes. Kanoa didn't seem affected by the 8 snorkelers who witnessed the encounter. After finishing the vetrical loops Kanoa did a few horizontal loops then cruised west out of sight.