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image by Tadas Jusionis 2017/05/30
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Number: 116
Name: Triton
Sex: Male
Current Size: ~5'
Last Sighting: May 30, 2017
First Size: ~5'
Date of First Sighting: May 30, 2017
Sighted By: Tadas Jusionis
Location ID'ed: Honolua Bay

Comments: I would like to name this male manta ray, Triton. Around 1:30pm at Honolua Bay, my girlfriend Dayna and I were freediving and taking photos of the honu at the cleaning station when we both spotted this lovely Manta. He was approximately 5ft in width. He made two passes below us over the sandy bottom next to the reef. With my GoPro in hand, I was able to dive down and catch-up to the manta ray and capture some video/photos. On his second pass, I was able to get some great ID shots as he turned and swam completely sideways showing off his ventral side before he cruised off into the blue.