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image by Derek Jurykovsky 2016/06/01
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Number: 109
Name: Bunches
Sex: Male
Current Size: ~6'
Last Sighting: June 1, 2016
First Size: ~6'
Date of First Sighting: June 1, 2016
Sighted By: Derek & Monthakan
Location ID'ed: Honolua Bay Beach

Comments: Monthakan Ratnarathorn and Derek Jurykovsky first saw this ray while on their honeymoon on June 1, 2016 and decided to name him Bunches. "He swam straight at me with a Jack underneath him about 20 minutes into the dive at around 12:30pm. He was extremely friendly and made dozens of loops/passes for more than 15 minutes. He was definitely the friendliest manta I've ever met on a dive and was also seen by some snorkelers/SNUBA peeps too. He followed us a bit as we started heading back to the beach and then took off. We were at about 30 feet."