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image by Amy Cole 2013/07/17
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Number: 99
Name: Boswell
Sex: Female
Current Size: ~16'-18'
Last Sighting: Oct 25, 2018
First Size: ~16'
Date of First Sighting: July 17, 2013
Sighted By: Amy Cole
Location ID'ed: Tank and Landing Craft
image by Amy Cole 2013/07/17

Comments: We saw the manta in south Maui with Mike Severns Diving in the late morning at a site called "Tank and Landing Craft" on July 17th, 2013. The day was clear, the seas calm with visibility of approximately 80-90 feet. Severns' crew and I estimated the manta to be about 16 feet across.She is named Boswell in memory of our beloved Boxer.

Boswell was sighted again, in the same place, more than 5 years later by Warren Blum with Mike Severns Diving. According to Warren, they were diving at the same dive site, and she hung around for a few minutes, swam away, and then circled back around and hung out another couple of minutes. "The millet seed butterfly’s were very happy to see her, and she seemed to be enjoying them as well."

image by Warren Blum 2018/10/25