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image by Diana Crow 2013/07/14
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Number: 98
Name: Nini
Sex: Female
Current Size: ~3.5'
Last Sighting: July 14, 2013
First Size: 3'-3.5'
Date of First Sighting: July 14, 2013
Sighted By: Diana Crow
Location ID'ed: Palauea
image by Diana Crow 2013/07/14

Comments: This 3' - 3 ½' sweet girl spent the morning focused on a coral spawning more than fearing divers. We spent our entire dive admiring her. She often came right up to us and flipped, while her slightly larger companion (4'?) kept its distance so I couldn't get a shot. On our way back in we came into a group of eleven large turtles and she followed us - we didn't know where to look there was so much going on. Sighted at Palauea (white rock) on a calm sunny day of limited vis near the reef edge due to the spawning event. We named her Nini (short for Natalie) after diving partner Guy MacLachlan's daughter because of her friendliness and grace.