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Alohi Kai
image by Shera Mercer 2016/11/4
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Number: 13
Name: Alohi Kai
Sex: unknown
Current Size: ~4'
Last Sighting: November 4, 2016
First Size: ~4' (pup)
Date of First Sighting: November 4, 2016
Sighted By: Shera Mercer
Location ID'ed: Magic Island

Comments: Alohi Kai approached us during a shore dive at Magic island, off the south cost of Oahu. Conditions that day made for a good dive. Visibility was about 50-60 feet. We were in about 20feet of water when we noticed Alohi Kai approaching. Alohi Kai proceeded to hover and circle us for about 5 minutes. Before it swam off, It came right up to me and gave me a "manta hug". This manta was relatively small with a disc width of about 4 feet. It was quite the unexpected experience not only to see the manta but to have it come up so close that it touched me.