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image by Mark Mohler 2018/03/17
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Number: 16
Name: Butch
Sex: male
Current Size: ~7'
Last Sighting: March 17, 2018
First Size: ~7'
Date of First Sighting: March 17, 2018
Sighted By: Mark Mohler
Location ID'ed: Ewa Pinnacles

Comments: I'd like to name this ray after my late father. Butch is a St Paddy's Ray, spotted off Oahu's Ewa Pinnacles dive site on the morning of 17 March, 2018. He was a smaller manta, at an estimated 7' in disc width, with a unique handprint marking on his stomach. He was first sighted headed east, at the south end of the main pinnacle, in roughly 70 feet of water. He came directly towards Kimberly Jeffries, Rob Johnson, and myself, before continuing on his way, passing over another diver and disappearing into the blue.