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Pomaika'i Kapua'ihao lio
images by Ken Weiland 2011/06/20
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Number: 96
Name: Pomaika'i Kapua'ihao lio
Sex: Male
Current Size: ~6'
Last Sighting: June 20, 2011
First Size: ~6'
Date of First Sighting: June 20, 2011
Sighted By: see below
Location ID'ed: Lanai

Pomaika'i Kapua'ihao lioComments:

June 20, 2011, while diving off Lana'i with Trilogy Ocean Sports, we encountered this little manta. He was first spotted by our dive guide, Marine Biologist Jill Quaintance, just as he was coming over a ridge swimming into the current. He seemed a bit surprised, when he saw us, as though we caught him off-guard. He turned quickly, exposing his underbelly for Ken Weiland to take a quick glamour shot of his identifying marks. He then circled back around, as if to inspect our group. After seemingly enjoying his 'drive-by' viewing of us, as much as we enjoyed him, he calmly and slowly swam away into the blue abyss.

This young male has two reasons for his name. First, we consider ourselves so very LUCKY to have had him visit us so unexpectedly. Second, he has a HORSESHOE marking between his gills and tail. These two things considered, we have collectively named the manta "Pomaika'i Kapua'ihao lio". The Hawaiian word for lucky is Pomaika'i. The Hawaiian word for horseshoe is Kapua'ihao lio.

Such an outstanding moment; one that each of us will remember, always. The divers who discovered this little guy are Laura Goodman, Lance Mendes, Jill Quaintance, Jennifer Weiland, and Ken Weiland. Aloha and good diving everyone!