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Number: 33
Name: Pauline
Sex: Female
Current Size: Unknown
Last Sighting: Unknown
First Size: Unknown
Date of First Sighting: May 29, 2006
Sighted By: Warren Blum
Location ID'ed: Molokini

Comments: Named "Pauline" after Pauline Fiene, the owner/operator of Mike Severns Diving by Warren Blum. Warren wrote “I dove with Pauline 7 years ago before I moved to Maui and before I was a Divemaster. On that trip, I decided to return to Texas to become a dive instructor and then move to Maui with the goal of working for Pauline on her boat. Five years ago I moved to Maui, got a job on another boat since Pauline did not have any openings, and then two years ago I heard of an opening on Pauline's boat and I applied and have been working for her ever since. Pauline is a great teacher and inspiration to me and to many people that come diving with her year after year. Her dedication to marine ecology and safe diving practices is exemplary. Pauline encourages everyone to notice the subtle details of marine creatures and fish behavior. She is a great boss and a fun person to know. (My guess is that you probably already know her, she has been here on Maui for about 20 years and has co-authored several books.)”