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image by Clayton Watkins 2015/08/09
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Number: 106
Name: Kaimana
Sex: Female
Current Size: ~10'
Last Sighting: June 21, 2017
First Size: ~8'
Date of First Sighting: August 9/2015
Sighted By: Clayton Watkins
Location ID'ed: Honolua Bay
image by Clayton Watkins 2015/08/09

Comments: I will name this manta Kaimana meaning power of the sea. She was at the Northwest corner of Honolua Bay, Maui at the cleaning station there on August 9th at 8:50am. She had about an 8 foot wing span and only spent 1-2 minutes at the cleaning station before swimming away. After I dove down and got the ID shot she left and then my friend and another guide saw her come back to the cleaning station about 10 minutes after. She seemed healthy and playful for the brief time I spent with her.