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image by Curtis Geary 2015/07/07
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Number: 104
Name: Mia
Sex: Female
Current Size: ~7'-8'
Last Sighting: July 7/2015
First Size: ~7'-8'
Date of First Sighting: July 7/2015
Sighted By: Curtis Geary
Location ID'ed: Honolua Bay

Comments: I would like to name this female manta ray, Mia. We encountered her around 9am on July 7, 2015 at the northwest cleaning station in Honolua Bay. She was approximately 7-8 ft in width. I initially dove down to photograph and inspect her damaged cephalic fin and found she was surprisingly more receptive to our presence than the other 2 nearby rays getting cleaned. She gave us several ID opportunities and even did some barrel rolls. Despite the damage, she seemed healthy.