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Mahon Manta
Photo by Keller Laros
Number: 52
Name: Mahon Manta
Sex: unknown
Current Size: unknown
Last Sighting: unknown
First Size: 16'
First Sighting: July 12, 1998
This black manta was first identified July 12, 1998 by Keller and scuba instructor Dave Mahon on a day dive at Hoover’s Pinnacle. The white chest mark is distinctive and easy to spot as the manta swims in the deep water. This manta ray was cruising the reefs on Kona Coast in 1998. It was spotted by Wendy Laros at the Honokahau Harbor dive site sometimes called Manta Ray Bay and was also sighted at the Suck’em Up dive site. It is a large manta approximately 16’ across. It is most likely a female based on the photo, but we are not positive.