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Photo by Patrice Heller

Number: 50
Name: Patrice
Sex: unknown
Current Size: unknown
Last Sighting: 1999
First Size: unknown
First Sighting: 1999
This large pelagic manta ray was sighted in 1999 by manta enthusiast and dive guide Patrice Heller of Pacific Rim Divers. We refer to this type of manta as pelagic although this is not a scientific term. We see these larger manta rays near the surface out in deeper water away from shore or occasionally coming in from the deep to the reef to be cleaned by Hawaiian cleaner fish. They are typically 15’-20’ across with broad gray bands on the back edge of their wings. With their immense size and graceful swimming, they’re incredible to see underwater. We’ve only seen this type of ray during the day never on the Kona Manta Ray Night Dive.