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Black Manta
Photos by Keller Laros
Number: 35
Name: Black Manta
Sex: unknown
Current Size: unknown
Last Sighting: unknown
First Size: 16'
First Sighting: September 24, 1995
Black Manta Black Manta

Occasionally black manta rays are sighted on the Kona Coast. Keller Laros sighted this black manta September 24, 1995 as it swam past the dive boat near a dive site called Eel Cove at Kaiwi Point on the Kona Coast of Hawaii. The animal was completely black on the topside and almost all black on the underside except for a white pattern. It was approximately 16’ across. It did not slow down and continued swimming north while a pod of spinner dolphins (Stenella longirostris) swam by heading south.