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image by Kerstin Windberg 2019/08/08
Number: 291
Name: Makani
Sex: unknown
Current Size: ~3'-4'
Last Sighting: August 8, 2019
First Size: ~3'-4' (pup)
First Sighting: August 8, 2019
Makani is a pup and was first seen and photographed by passionate manta ray advocate Kerstin Windberg on August 8, 2019 at Kauna'oa Bay, Big Island, HI. It was shy and showed its underside only once. The manta is about 3-4 feet across and its gender still needs to be determined. Kerstin is excited to name a manta ray after her husband Daniel "Windy" Windberg and choose MAKANI as this translates from the Hawaiian language to “WIND”. We think it's the perfect fit and hope that Daniel and Makani will one day have a chance to meet each other.