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Image from video by David Maddox 2006/03/14
Number: 99
Name: Corkscrew
Sex: Male
Current Size: 5'
Last Sighting: July 30,2006
First Size: 5'
First Sighting: March 14,2006
Photo by Jerry Kane 2006/07/30

Corkscrew is a young curious male that was first sighted by David Maddox and Jan McLaughlin along the shoreline of Kaiwi Point. He was first spotted in the shallow water heading inland, and then shortly afterwards heading in the other direction. Each time he seemed curious about the divers in the water and did several circles close to them and hovered effortlessly above them. As a young male, his claspers are not well developed and are difficult to see. The very tip of his tale is twisted in circles like a corkscrew giving him his name.

Sadly, the body of Corkscrew was found in the shallow waters of Keauhou Bay by Jim Wing on November 23, 2006. The body was towed out to sea where it sank.