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Photo by Keller Laros
Number: 51
Name: Hahalua
Sex: Male
Current Size: unknown
Last Sighting: unknown
First Size: 16'
First Sighting: June 19, 1998
This big beautiful male manta ray is the epitome of the pelagic manta ray; the larger type of manta we see only during the day in deeper water or occasionally cruising the reef. We have never seen this larger type of manta ray on the Kona Manta Ray Night Dive at any location. This manta is over 16’ across with very few chest spots and broad gray bands on the back edge of his diamond shaped body. He has well developed claspers and a couple of notches low on his right side. He was sighted on June 19, 1998 during the day in the waters between Honokahau Harbor and the dive site Eel Cove on Kaiwi Point on the Kona Coast of Hawaii by Keller Laros. Hahalua is the Hawaiian word for manta ray.