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Kona Manta Ray Identification Project
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image by Joe Weston Jr 2012/11/27
Number: 49
Name: Miles
Sex: Male
Current Size: unknown
Last Sighting: November 27, 2012
First Size: 7'
First Sighting: October 11, 1999
Image from video by Keller Laros ~1999/10/11
This young manta ray was first sighted at the Ho’ona Bay/Garden Eels site on October 11, 1999. He is about 7’ across and his tail is about one foot long. He had scuff marks his cephalic fins and chest. He was too shy to join the other mantas feeding at the divers’ lights. He is named after expert diver Miles Leicher who has dove with the Kona Manta Rays many times.