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Kona Manta Ray Identification Project
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image by Vicky Newman 2012/07/16
Number: 31
Name: Cousteau
Sex: Male
Current Size: unknown
Last Sighting: July 16, 2012
First Size: 6'
First Sighting: July 7, 1997
Image from video by Keller Laros

This ray is named after the late, great explorer and naturalist Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Captain Cousteau, co-inventor of SCUBA, opened the undersea world to humankind. Thanks to him, we are able to go underwater and observe beautiful sea creatures such as manta rays.

Cousteau, the manta ray, was first seen at the Kona Surf site on the night of July 7, 1997. He is a young male about 6’ across and at first was very shy and greatly startled by the scuba divers’ bubbles. Within one week, he became accustomed to the divers and now takes advantage of the abundant food.