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image by Scott Cathey 2018/11/18
Number: 282
Name: Keon
Sex: Male
Current Size: ~5'-6'
Last Sighting: November 18,2018
First Size: ~5'-6'
First Sighting: November 18,2018
image by Scott Cathey 2018/11/18
Koen Ray was ID'd by Scott Cathey in Waialea bay (69's beach) on November 18, 2018. The young 5-6ft male manta was spotted in shallow waters in the bay cruising back and forth on the edge of the reef for the good part of the morning. Koen Ray is named after Scott's 7 year old nephew Koen, who was able to to see his first manta in the same location back in June 2018. With Koen's incredible fish ID abilities and his passion for all things underwater, he will make a great ambassador for the future of our oceans.