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Ray von Wein
image by Steve Wiener 2017/03/20
Number: 262
Name: Ray von Wien
Sex: Male
Current Size: ~5'-6'
Last Sighting: March 20, 2017
First Size: ~5'-6'
First Sighting: March 20, 2017
Ray von Wien is an adolescent male manta with an approximate wingspan of 5-6 feet. Steve named him for the Wiener family of 8 divers ranging from 12 to 68 years old. He was first spotted in 28 feet of water at House 40 on Puako Reef on March 20, 2017. He was not particularly social but did cruise slowly by and was kind enough to pose for a photo and some video footage. As a regular diver at Puako Reef, Steve is eager to watch Ray von Wien grow over the coming years.