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image by Billy Ball 2015/12/27
Number: 250
Name: Daveeed
Sex: Male
Current Size: ~14'
Last Sighting: December 27, 2015
First Size: ~14'
First Sighting: December 27, 2015
image by Billy Ball 2015/12/27
I encountered this manta swimming off the drop off at the dive site Pyramid Pinnacles. I had followed a very large grey snapper out into the blue when I heard the familiar tap of shave and a haircut which means a manta has been seen. Seconds later the manta swam right up to me. It swam back and forth several times between myself and Kerry Key. It then swam out into the blue. I would estimate the size to be about 14'. I would like to name this manta Daveeed in honor of my friend, co-worker and all around great guy David 'Daveeed' Marchand.