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image by Mari Belko 2016/08/13
Number: 228
Name: FinsUp
Sex: Male
Current Size: ~4'-5'
Last Sighting: August 1, 2014
First Size: ~4'-5' (pup)
First Sighting: August 1, 2014
Fins Up
image by E. Ryan Leinbach 2014/08/01

Fins Up was first identified by Ryan Leinbach on August 1st 2014 at Garden Eel Cove. He was 4-5 feet across and still very shy and skittish around divers, which can be expected with all the excitement that goes on at the site.

The Naming rights were gifted to Joi Petrik. She chose the name "FinsUp" for two different reasons:
There is a small group of snorkel guides that take tours to the site on a daily basis, and "FinsUp" is an expression we use often, so in essence "FinsUp" is deemed an inside 'joke' for fellow guides...she also chose it as a reminder to take care of our precious mantas. Being aware of your body position and where your fins are in the water, when the mantas come to feed inches from you, so as not to scrape or kick these gentle giants while enjoying this once in a lifetime experience.