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Minoru Ray
image by Brett LeMaster 2014/07/04

Number: 222
Name: Minoru Ray
Sex: Male
Current Size: ~8'
Last Sighting: July 4/2014
First Size: ~8'
First Sighting: July 4/2014
Minoru Ray
image by Brett LeMaster 2014/07/04
On July 4th, 2014, Brett saw this Ray gliding through the water about 30 ft under the surface swimming solo about 1/4 mile off of Parrot's cove. The manta had about a 8 ft wingspan. We would like to name it Minoru Ray after our father who is a diving instructor and has been very supportive of us and Wild Hawaii Ocean Adventures. The ray is a pelagic species(manta birostris). It didn't have chevrons on it's back like most mantas but had distinct gray eyebrow looking markings on its back up close to the top of the mouth.