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Kaia Ray
image by Kiwami Kono-Baptiste 2014/06/28
Number: 220
Name: Kaia Ray
Sex: Male
Current Size: ~16'
Last Sighting: June 28/2014
First Size: ~16'
First Sighting: June 28/2014
Kaia Ray was first spotted on June 28, 2014 by Kiwami Kono-Baptiste, an enthusiastic ocean guide and Manta Lover. Kaia Ray is a male Manta Ray with a wingspan of about 16 feet. He is a pelagic Manta Ray who roams the big ocean and Kiwami and her customers were so lucky to encounter it very close to shore at Garden Eel Cove. Kaia was travelling with Kiwami Ray, a female manta and they appeared to court each other.