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Hip Hip HooRay
image from video by Keller Laros 2013/01/14
Number: 207
Name: Hip Hip HooRay
Sex: Male
Current Size: ~8'
Last Sighting: January 14, 2013
First Size: ~8'
First Sighting: January 14, 2013

First sighted on January 14, 2013 at Garden Eel Cove dive site north of Keahole Point. Hip Hip HooRay was one of the 12 female and 14 males manta rays identified that evening. He is a relatively large male at approximately 8 feet across. Hip Hip HooRay was on the out side of the circle feeding on abundant plankton with many of the smaller or shyer mantas. Hip Hip HooRay received his name in honor of manta rays being added to the United Nations Convention on International Trade in Endangers Species (CITES) Appendix II on March 14, 2013. Manta Ray inclusion on this list should further manta ray conservation.

Three Cheers for manta ray conservation - Hip Hip HooRay! Hip Hip HooRay!! Hip Hip HooRay!!!