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image from video by Jim Wing 2011/07/18
Number: 185
Name: Nick Ray
Sex: Male
Current Size: 3-4'
Last Sighting: January 26, 2012
First Size: 3'-4' (pup)
First Sighting: July 18, 2011
image from video by Dane Knezek 2011/07/18

We identified Nick Ray on July 18, 2011 and assumed that he was a female Manta Ray (no sign of claspers). We didn't see Nick Ray again until January 26, 2012 and then realized that we need to rename him. Nick Ray will be named after Nick Watson, son of Capt. Jeff Watson. Nick works as a swim guide several nights a week and is getting very good at identifying our Manta Rays.

(Nick Ray's original name was Nicole Ray.)