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Independence Ray
photo by Rusty Orr 2011/07/28
Number: 184
Name: Independence Ray
Sex: Male
Current Size: ~4'
Last Sighting: July 28, 2011
First Size: ~3'
First Sighting: June 28, 2011
Independence Ray
photo by Rusty Orr 2011/07/28

Jim Wing reported that Independence Ray was approx. 3 feet wide when first seen at the Keauhou manta site and therefore very young. He swam very close to the bottom and was very shy.

A month later, this little guy was seen at another cleaning site referred to as Vito's. Rusty Orr was able to get some good ID shots of him and reports that he was the least shy of the 3 mantas seen at the time, and was "downright curious". As shown here, he now has a hook on the dorsal side of his mouth and was trailing about 5' of fishing line over his back. Since the line has some growth, it's likely been attached to the little guy for "awhile".