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Image from video by Martina Wing 2010/07/27
Number: 176
Name: Otis
Sex: Male
Current Size: ~5'
Last Sighting: July 27, 2010
First Size: ~5' (pup)
First Sighting: July 27, 2010

Otis was first seen at Manta Heaven (Garden Eel Cove) in July 2010. It was one of the nights that we also had "bristle worm" activity at the site this summer. He wasn't very concerned about the worms, and was feeding on a great plankton meal on the outskirts of the light circle. He was not too shy and was barrel-rolling in front of the divers. He is about 5 feet wide, his claspers are still very small.

Otis is named in rememberance of "Milo" who was found dead on the shoreline shortly after Otis was first sighted.