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images by Ryan Leinbach 2007/06/29
Number: 118
Name: Milo
Sex: Male
Current Size: 5'
Last Sighting: August 2, 2010
First Size: 5'
First Sighting: June 26, 2007

MiloMilo was first sighted by Ryan at the Keauhou site as part of two new mantas on the same night. The other manta was a female, Reese.


Unfortunately, Milo was found dead on August 4, 2010. During his day charter, Kris Henry with Sea Hawaii Rafting was called over by residents, who mentioned that a manta ray was stuck between the rocks on their property and wondered if he could help. Kris and his crew checked it out and saw no other solution than to pull the corpse out to sea. (Bad cell phone reception and additional help was a long way away.) They gave MILO a Hawaiian blessing before letting him go. MILO had no apparent bites, cuts or wounds. His belly had reddish spots, but we had seen those on him before.

MiloThe last time we saw and recorded MILO was on August 2, 2010 at the Southern Manta Ray Dive Site "Manta Village". He had made his way from the northern site (July 29,2010) to the southern site in two days (July 31, 2010). He was in perfect health and actually in courtship behavior with Koie. Therefore he either died on Tuesday August 3 or August 4th, 2010.
(As reported by Martina Wing)