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photo © Keller Laros

Number: 5
Name: Hook
Sex: Male
Current Size: 7'-8'
Last Sighting: ongoing
First Size: unknown
First Sighting: 1992
image from video by Scott Blain 2009/04/14
Hook is a male manta about 7' across. He got his name because of a fishing hook imbedded in the front edge of his right wing when he was first identified. This hook can be seen in the photo above taken on July 12, 1993. Also that night, National Geographic photographers were taking photos that were later used in their December 1995 issue. Underwater video of Hook shot in July 1992, revealed a very large cut on the rear edge of his left wing. By December 1992, the wound had healed and the scar appeared as a nick at the bottom side of his wing as it does in the photo to the left. By 1998, Hook's hook disappeared. Hook continues to be seen on the Kona Coast as seen by this more recent image from Scott Blain.