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Kona Manta Ray Identification Project
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Number: 4
Name: Taz
Sex: Male
Current Size: unknown
Last Sighting: unknown
First Size: unknown
First Sighting: August 21, 1995
Taz is a young male that was first seen on August 21, 1995. When we first saw him, he was a baby not more than 4' across. At that time, he would not approach the divers and stayed mostly near the snorkelers. In the space of two weeks, he overcame his fear of the divers and has become an enthusiastic feeder at the Kona Surf ever since. Named Taz because his speedy tight circles reminded us of the cartoon character the Tasmanian Devil. In the photo to the right, his little claspers can be seen at the bottom of his pelvic fins on either side of his tail. His chest marking looks like a "W" but his size and his gender make it easy to distinguish him from the adult female W.