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Vicky Ray
Photo by Vicky Newman 2003/12/19
Number: 70
Name: Vicky Ray
Sex: Female
Current Size: 6 feet
Last Sighting: July 19, 2004
First Size: 4 feet
First Sighting: June 12, 2002

Vicky Ray
Image from video by Keller Laros

Vicky Ray is a female ray that was first identified on June 12, 2002 at the Ho'ona Bay/ Garden Eels site by experienced manta dive guide David Maddox. On September 9, 2002 she was sighted again with a hook on her left cephalic fin (see above). She is named after Victoria Newman, Ph.D., manta enthusiast and one of the directors of Manta Pacific Research Foundation. With her scientific background, Dr. Newman hopes to conduct research with the Kona population such as a study on manta ray growth rate and development.

When Vicky was first sighted she was approximately 4 feet across and was very shy and stayed to the outside of the group of divers. With time she began to feed in the middle of the group. She is now at least 6 feet wide and is regularly seen at the garden eels dive site. The hook in Vicky Left Cephalic fin has been removed by a diver and she has full function of the fin.