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Photo by Keller Laros
Number: 46
Name: Teresa
Sex: Female
Current Size: ~6'
Last Sighting: March 28, 2009
First Size: unknown
First Sighting: 1997
This lovely female manta ray was first sighted on a day dive on the Kona Coast of Hawaii in 1997. She appeared at the Garden Eel sight in October 2000 and has been sighted there occasionally since. She is named after the heart and soul of Jack’s Diving Locker, owner Teresa Leicher. Keller and Wendy are grateful to Teri for her continued friendship and support year after year.
Image by Laury Scott 2009/03/28


UPDATE: Teresa was recently spotted by Laury Scott at Henry's Cave in the Red Hill area where she was able to get this great recent photo.