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image by Amy Cutler 2019/11/12
Number: 293
Name: Russ
Sex: Female
Current Size: ~2'
Last Sighting: November 12, 2019
First Size: ~2'
First Sighting: November 12, 2019
I would like to name this tiny baby manta Russ after my late father Russell Cutler Sr. I spotted Russ at 8:45 am swimming inside of Keauhou Bay near the finger pier. Russ swam out of sight but popped back up on the north side of the bay as we were leaving for our day trip. I grabbed the go pro and swam with Russ for about 3 minutes before I was able to dive down and get a shot of the underside. Russ was not shy about having me near. Russ is about 2 feet from wing tip to wing tip. Russ' right cephalic fin appears to be twisted or paralyzed. Russ also has two circular spots on the dorsal side.