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image by Rachel Schackne 2019/08/04
Number: 290
Name: Precious
Sex: Female
Current Size: ~10'-15'
Last Sighting: August 4, 2019
First Size: ~10'-15'
First Sighting: August 4, 2019
Precious was first seen on August 4, 2019 off shore of Lyman’s, near Keolonahihi State Historical Park in North Kona Hawai’i by Sara Bloom, Jan Salarno, Rachel Schackne, and Mike Milligan. Described as friendly she stayed with snorkelers. Sara writes, “Saw her off the port side about 20 yards from the boat swimming through a pod of dolphins. She was near the surface coming right at our boat. I grabbed my fins, mask and hopped in. She did a pass. I realized how beautiful it was and I wanted a video. I asked the captain to toss me my phone to get a video/picture to submit for identification and luckily it circled back for another pass and came right to me. Didn’t seem too shy in comparison to my other encounters with this species." Jan Salerno writes, “She was inquisitive. She was looking at us. She left crowds but let one on one happen to a few of us. She slowed down for it on a couple of occasions and sought a total belly to belly dance with rachel ... mirroring movements.”