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image by Marc Hughes 2019/01/28
Number: 287
Name: Jacqueline
Sex: Female
Current Size: ~11'-12'
Last Sighting: January 28, 2019
First Size: ~1112'
First Sighting: January 28, 2019
I was photographing a devil Scorpionfish (January 28th, 2019 at 1:22 pm) on the substrate (around 45 feet deep) at Suck Em Up dive site at Pine trees when I noticed a large shadow encompass me. I thought it was a boat but did not hear a motor. I looked up to see a very large pelagic Manta Ray hovering above me.  It did several circles above me while I tried to readjust my focus. It hung out for several minutes almost looking very curious. It had a very large “wing span” from tip to tip of pectoral fins was at least 11 -12 feet. I would like to name it “Jacqueline” after my mother Jaqueline who raised myself and 3 siblings by herself under very difficult conditions (she is a Migrant to America from France). I think the very least I could do show my appreciation is name a Manta Ray after her for all she has done for us. Ever the doting mom I’m sure when she is no longer with us she will still be looking down upon us just like “Jaqueline Raie” was on me that day.