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image by Leslie Charpentier 2019/01/21
Number: 284
Name: Mirabella
Sex: Female
Current Size: ~16'-18'
Last Sighting: January 21, 2019
First Size: ~16'-18'
First Sighting: January 21, 2019
image by Leslie Charpentier 2019/01/21
I was working a morning trip with Coral Reef Adventures when I got the “shout out” from Captain Emily Sepeta of “maybe pelagic manta, want to get in?” This wonderful beauty was cruising by about 10 - 15’ below the surface, about a half mile off shore near Kua Bay. I grabbed my go pro and got in with video running! She was moving quickly, with cephalic fins open but mouth closed. At first glance I thought her markings looked kinda like a butterfly, while on her dorsal side she had two unique small white dots on her left wing. I would like to name her Mirabella because she is a wondrous graceful beauty!