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image by Leslie Charpentier 2017/06/14
Number: 265
Name: Elviki
Sex: Female
Current Size: ~5'
Last Sighting: June 14, 2017
First Size: ~5' (pup)
First Sighting: June 14, 2017

I spotted this new manta on the morning of June 14, when I went for a snorkel just off the Sheraton inside of Keauhou Bay, she was doing barrel rolls when I approached, then she continued to swim all around inside the bay. She is small, less than 5' wingspan. I work for Hula Kai /Fair Wind and also swim with the mantas a few nights a week.

I would like to name this manta Elviki in memory of Captain Elvis Aaron Shepard. Elviki was his Hawaiian nickname. We (Fair Wind / Hula Kai) lost one of our favorite boat captains, Captain Elvis Aaron Shepard, in a motorcycle accident on April 28/29 2017. He had been with the company for 11 years and was loved by everyone. We often see a small manta from the boats as we go in and out of Keauhou Bay, we like to think it is Elviki every time.