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image by Daniel Versteeg 2017/02/04
Number: 261
Name: Carolien
Sex: Female
Current Size: ~4'-5'
Last Sighting: February 4, 2017
First Size: ~4'-5' (pup)
First Sighting: February 4, 2017
We met her on the 4th of February 2017. We were diving at the dive spot two steps on the Big Island. During the dive we spotted this Manta in the blue and she was flying at about 75 ft deep. We were diving at about 45 ft. I tried to catch up and once I did I started my decent. At a certain moment I was halfway and it looked like she would fly away. Luckely she came over and flew by me with a distance of about 3 ft. I saw her coming over and made several shot with my camera. What an amazing encounter. I would like to name the manta Carolien.