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image by Ryan Crowley 2015/10/21
Number: 246
Name: Moni
Sex: Female
Current Size: ~4'-5'
Last Sighting: October 21,2015
First Size: ~4'-5'
First Sighting: October 21,2015
Moni Ray
image by Ryan Crowley 2015/10/21
On the evening of Oct 21st, 2015, I identified this female manta approximately 4-5 feet in diameter along the Kohala Coast off of the Mauna Lani while doing a reef night dive. I was diving with 2 other manta (Sparrow Ray and Csilla Ray) when after approximately 10 minutes this Ray confidently approached. I would like to name her Moni (pronounced MOAN-ee) after my wife. These are stunning creatures that move with effortless grace. Moni Ray inspires me to be a better steward of the planet and it's resources so that these animals can survive and thrive to be appreciated by future generations.