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image by Billy Ball 2014/12/26
Number: 235
Name: Xuan
Sex: Female
Current Size: ~12'
Last Sighting: December 26, 2014
First Size: ~12'
First Sighting: December 26, 2014
image by Billy Ball 2014/12/26
Billy Ball and Katie Key saw this manta while diving holo holo off the Kona Diving Company boat on December 26th, 2014. Katie says - "We saw this beautiful and perfect girl near the drop off between Golden Arches and Wacky's (Pinetrees area). She was about the size of one of our bigger resident mantas (~12 ft), so it wasn't until she got close that we realized that she was a small pelagic manta. She was super curious, passing above and alongside us again and again and spent about 20 minutes swimming around us while Billy got to take her picture. When she decided she was done hanging out with us, she headed north, passed another group of divers and was on her way! Xuan is named for Xuan Zhang, Billy's wife and my friend."