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image by David Marchand 2014/12/31
Number: 233
Name: Gaby
Sex: Female
Current Size: ~4'
Last Sighting: December 5, 2014
First Size: ~4' (pup)
First Sighting: December 5, 2014
image by Keller Laros 2014/12/26
I dove with the KDC crew on Friday, December 5, 2014 for our annual christmas appreciation day. We dove at the Black Hole dive site, and on our way back to the harbor we saw several manta rays feeding on the surface by Wawaloli Beach Park. We jumped in and tried to identify them. Most of them were seen at night at Garden Eel cove, but the smallest manta ray caught my eye. I was able to get a picture and I didn't notice any claspers. My guess is she's a female and she's about 4 feet across. She didn't pay attention to us while we were around because she was busy feeding. I would like to name her Gaby in memory of my grandmother who passed away over 20 years ago.