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Conae Ray
image by Seth Conae 2014/08/05
Number: 227
Name: Conae Ray
Sex: Female
Current Size: ~6'
Last Sighting: ongoing
First Size: ~6'
First Sighting: June 17, 2014

Conae Ray is named after the Conae family. Seth's wife Jessica, daughter Jocelyn, and son Ian decided it would be a great tribute to the entire family to name it after their last name. Ian, Seth's son is the only boy to be able to pass on the Conae name. Until now! Hopefully Conae Ray will live a long healthy life along the Kona coast and maybe when she has her first baby Seth will be there to name it. Conae Ray was first seen by Seth in Kealakekua Bay on Thursday, June 17th, 2014 at 3:30pm. She was approximately 6 feet wide with no visible scars or injuries. She was surface feeding about 250 feet off Captain Cooks Monument swimming East towards the shore line where I was able to free dive to get video of her underside and spot pattern.