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Kainoa Kai
image by Ryan Leinbach 2014/03/29
Number: 217
Name: Kainoa Kai
Sex: Female
Current Size: ~4'-5'
Last Sighting: March 29,2014
First Size: ~4'-5' (pup)
First Sighting: March 29,2014
Kainoa Kai was first seen on the Manta Night Dive at Manta Heaven (Garden Eel Cove) on March 29, 2014. She was about 4- 5 feet across. Kainoa Kai was curious but stayed on the out side of the light circle. She stayed for pretty much the whole evening feeding. Her Right Cephalic is damaged. Kainoa Kai is named after Stevie Kai and Briggs Kainoa Munsterman. Their dad David has worked on the Manta swims for several years.