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Testa Ray
image by Nico Testa 2014/03/10
Number: 216
Name: Testa Ray
Sex: Female
Current Size: > 20'
Last Sighting: March 10, 2014
First Size: > 20'
First Sighting: March 10, 2014
It was our second dive of the day at around noon. We were at the dive site "Aquarium" next to "Suck'em up". I was showing my diver a frogfish at about 30ft of depth, when he pointed ahead of us; not knowing the manta had come right over the top of our heads, silently. I estimate it's size at 20+ ft. wing tip to wing tip. The manta continued toward another dive group. I was behind it and it went above another dive master. We both agreed it was a female, all black with no markings on the cephalic fins or back. It continued to cruz the shallow reef till it was outta sight! Beautiful manta - many new and old divers got to see her!