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Rami Ray
image from video by Jerry Busheff 2011/10/31
Number: 193
Name: Rami Ray
Sex: Female
Current Size: ~16'
Last Sighting: November 1, 2011
First Size: ~16'
First Sighting: October 31, 2011
Captain Ron with Coral Reef Snorkel Adventures first spotted this ray on October 31, 2011. It was just north of Garden Eel Cove in the mid morning. She was laying upside down at about 15-20' depth. Capt Ron put his friend Jerry with a video camera in the water and he was able to take some video of her feeding. She seemed to like lying on her back swimming. Jerry would like to name him Rami Ray (pronounced Ray me). We spotted her again on November 1 just outside of the pine trees surf zone. We guesstimate that her wingspan is over 16'. This Manta has been seen by several dive guides in the last week and some say it has a 17' wing span. I know by seeing her close to my boat that she is larger than Big Bertha.